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How to Get Involved

How to get involved in a Bridgeport Board or Commission

If you are interested in being considered to serve on a City board or commission, it is important to understand the process:

  • Please send a letter of interest with your resume, biography/cv, or a brief description of your background and experience. The purpose of these materials is to help the City match individuals to boards and commission relevant to their experience.
Send to: 
Office of the Chief Administrator
City of Bridgeport
City Hall Annex
999 Broad Street, 2nd floor
Bridgeport, CT 06604
ATTN: City Boards and Commissions

All individuals who serve on board or commissions serve as volunteers and serve at the pleasure of the sitting mayor. Terms vary depending on the board or commission.
  • The City will place your information on file for consideration when a vacancy occurs.
  • There is no guarantee that because an individual expresses interest in a board or commission that he/she will be placed on that commission.
  • If there is a good fit between the individual and a vacancy, he/she will be contacted and asked to fill out a personal history form and an ethics background form. In addition, he/she will be subject to a tax background check and a criminal background check. All City of Bridgeport taxes must be current in order to serve on a City board or commission. 
  • If all the paperwork is submitted and complete, the individual may be asked to come in for an interview.
  • If the interview goes well, his/her name will be submitted to the City Council for consideration. This process begins with the full City Council referring the individual to the relevant committee for consideration. The individual will be asked to come before the committee so that City Council members can interview the person. Once the committee votes on the individual’s candidacy for board/commission, the name is referred to the full Council for approval.
  • Once approved, there is a swearing in ceremony in the mayor’s office and you may begin serving.
  • All new representatives to a City board or commission will receive ethics training and in some cases, will be required to attend training specific to their board or commission.