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Airport Commission

Airport Commission

City Council President Thomas C McCarthy

Stratford Mayor John A. Harkins

Bridgeport City Clerk Lydia N. Martinez

Bridgeport Finance Director Kenneth Flatto 

There shall be in the city of Bridgeport an airport commission which shall consist of the mayor, the director or finance/comptroller, the city clerk and the president of the city council, all acting ex officio, which commission shall have the care, management, control, operation and administration of, and the use of, all airports, and all buildings and real and personal property used in connection therewith, owned or controlled by said city, both within and without the corporate limits of said city, and the maintenance, operation and use of such airports and of all buildings and real and personal property used in connection therewith shall be an essential governmental function of said city, both as to said city and as to its servants and agents. In all matters relating to the care, management, control, operation, administration and use of the Bridgeport Municipal Airport located in the town of Stratford, the administrative head of said town, acting ex officio, shall be a member of said airport commission, and said airport commission shall consist of the above indicated officials of the city of Bridgeport and said administrative head of the town of Stratford.
From the Charter of the City of Bridgeport: Chapter 12, Section 7