Geographical Information System (GIS)

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The online GIS Viewer works best with either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.  When using the online GIS Viewer, your browser may prompt you to install (or update) Silverlight within the browser, this prompt will only occur if you do not have Silverlight already installed or the latest version of Silverlight installed.  If prompted, you will need to install Silverlight before using the online GIS viewer.  If you are using Internet Explorer, click run to download the installation file.  Once downloaded, the browser will prompt you to run again.  Click run to start the installation.  If you are using Mozilla Firefox, save Silverlight to your computer and click open once the download has completed.  The install for either Internet Explorer or Firefox will take roughly 2-5 minutes and requires administrative privileges on your machine.

Click here for instructions from Microsoft on installing Microsoft Silverlight.

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