Frequently Asked Questions

How many animals can we hold?

We can hold 80 dogs and 50 cats. We are the biggest "municipal" shelter in the state.

How many animals does Bridgeport take in a year?

Incredibly last year we took in 1,248 animals from July 2015-July 2016.

Do we accept volunteers?

Yes, we have recently started a new City Employee Volunteer program. Our volunteers will assist us in walking the dogs daily and enriching their lives so they become more adoptable. We hope to someday expand the program, but for now it is only open to city employees. For more information, please email us at

I am not a City Employee, how can I help Bridgeport Animal Control?

Bridgeport Animal Control is working towards many goals to better the lives of the animals here.  Please check our Facebook page (Bridgeport Connecticut Animal Control) for our latest fundraising efforts and donation requests.  Every bit counts and we thank you for being an active animal advocate!

Would Animal Control be able to visit my school?

Oh Yeah! We love kids and we love coming out and speaking about the responsibilities of owning a pet.  We also talk about the importance of dog and cat safety. We have actually gone out and spoken to seniors too, so just ask us about speaking at your next function!

How come when I call I don't get a person but an answering machine?

Our shelter is the largest, and also one of the busiest, in the state of CT.  We have many visitors to the shelter and sometimes every staff member is assisting a visitor when a call comes in.  If this is the case, please leave a voicemail.  Our voicemail box is checked regularly and your call is important to us.  You may also email us at with any questions or concerns.  PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT CALL US WITH EMERGENCIES! CALL 203-576-7671 to dispatch an animal control officer.  Thank you!

Do we adopt many animals?

Thankfully YES! Our adoption rates continue to rise and we are thankful the community is choosing to adopt, not shop! Despite this, we still have many pets available and many more coming in. Please visit our Facebook page and Petfinder page, as they are updated daily.

Do we only have Pit bulls?

We have many of them but we also do get in many other breeds.  Our adoptable animals are all featured on PetFinder and Facebook.  Please note*** Before you write off all Pit Bulls as bad dogs come in and let us convince you that they are not.

PLEASE NOTE* In case of emergency we sometimes may have to close. Our first priority is to bring in sick or injured animals so there may be times that because of lack of staff that we have to close. We will leave a sign out letting you know when we should be back.

Have you licensed your dog this year yet?

~If your dog is 6 months of age or older, you are required to have a
current rabies vaccination from your veterinarian and obtain a dog license from your city or town of residence within 30 days of purchasing a dog.

~A city license can be obtained at your local animal shelter or at the Town Clerk's office in your city or town. The license year runs from July 1st to June 30th and should be renewed every year.

Spayed/Neutered (fixed): $8.00
Not Spayed/Neutered: $19.00
*$1.00 fee attached for every month you are late.

"In case of a disaster if you don't license your dog, we won't know they exist!"

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