Social Services

Social Services is a City Department that provides for the social and economic well-being of the indigent and “working poor” population residing in the City of Bridgeport through case management and community outreach and referral services.

We administer state and federal programs that target economically and socially disadvantaged city residents and assist in special initiatives of a social nature as assigned by the city’s administration. Additionally, we support legislation that will create and maintain programs that provide vital services to needy city residents. In addition, we serve as liaison to the community and business sector.
  • Information: 576-7416
  • Administration: (203) 576-7471, 576-8088
  • Relocation – Code Enforcement & Housing Hardship Cases: (203) 332-3028
  • Healthy Start: (203) 576-8181
  • Elderly Hispanic Outreach Services: (203) 576-8204
  • Social Worker: (203) 576-7147

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Albertina Baptista
Deputy Director of Health & Social Services
752 East Main Street Bridgeport, Connecticut 06608

Phone: (203) 576-7471

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