Barnum Rail Station

Barnum Station is a planned new commuter rail station to be located along the Metro-North Railroad New Haven line in East Bridgeport, CT. The station will enhance regional access to and from East Bridgeport and support the revitalization of the East Side, Mill Hill and East End neighborhoods. The station will be located on the south side of Barnum Avenue between Seaview Avenue and Pembroke Street on the site of the former Remington Arms factory. The station is named after the circus leader and one-time Bridgeport mayor P. T. Barnum.                

The City is overseeing the project environmental review, as well as design up to 15%, with the engineering firm VHB. The project will be handed to CTDOT for completion of design and construction. This transfer is expected during the spring of 2017. Current project schedules call for construction in 2019, with station opening in 2021.

Visit the project website for more details, and to learn about the accompanying project Barnum Station Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Master Plan and Adaptive Reuse Strategy.

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Director of Planning
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