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Bridgeport, CT– Today, the city celebrated the collaboration of planting initiatives carried out over the course of the year, which led to the planting of over 200 trees within the city, by a variety of organizations representing Bridgeport residents.

As many residents have observed, Bridgeport has lost many trees over the years because of disease, drought (both effects of climate change), and inappropriate planting, which has decreased the life expectancy of these trees and turned them from a benefit to a possible danger. The city is committed to enhancing and preserving Bridgeport's canopy, so that all citizens can benefit from trees. In order to support the planting, long-term upkeep, and sustainability of our tree canopy, City officials will coordinate efforts among partners and stakeholders through our joint effort and plant even more trees.

Mayor Ganim said “The City has committed to enhancing and repairing Bridgeport's canopy. Every time we plant a tree, it adds to the quality of life for the City of Bridgeport’s residents on multiple levels, with these trees providing clean air, improved quality of life and to the beauty of our City,”

In the entire State of Connecticut, the City of Bridgeport has some of the lowest canopy coverage. To adapt to climate change and promote sustainability, our urban canopy needs to be restored. The concept of sustainability is best exemplified by trees, which provides habitat and handle common urban concerns including air pollution, stormwater, heat stress, and water quality. These benefits are compounded as climate change's effects become more apparent and severe. When it rains heavily, trees clean our runoff and absorb large amounts of water. They also provide habitat that is being increasingly fragmented and lost, minimize the heat island effect, and purify our air of automobile pollution.

“Bridgeport’s sustainability efforts have identified the restoration of the urban tree canopy and implementation of citywide tree planting programs. Its ecological and human impact benefits climate change and improves the local environment,” said Steve Hladun, Special Projects Coordinator.

For more information on this and other city projects, visit the City of Bridgeport’s Office of Planning and Economic Development website at

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