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Bridgeport, CT – City officials report that Bridgeport residents 75 years of age or older are now eligible to register themselves for an appointment to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.  This update comes as part of the Governor’s announcement today that the state is transitioning to Phase 1B.  The City of Bridgeport Health Department is following eligibility phases as directed by the state.

All eligible persons receiving the COVD vaccine are first directed to register in “VAMS.” What is VAMS? VAMS is the CDC’s Vaccine Administration Management System, an online program that supports planning and enrollment for vaccination clinic management.  This is the national system that all states are using to register their residents for the vaccine.

How can Bridgeport residents 75 years of age and older register for an appointment?  

The State of CT has provided the following means for residents to register for an appointment:
• Online: Access the form online at  to schedule an appointment through the web-based Vaccine Administration Management System (VAMS).
• Telephone: Those without internet access can call Connecticut’s COVID Vaccine Appointment Assistance Line at 877-918-2224.  The phone system was created to provide support for eligible vaccine recipients who have limited technology access, or who have language, disability, or other barriers that could prevent them from using existing self-scheduling options successfully. The line is available Mondays through Fridays from 8am - 4:30pm and will offer a call-back option when specialists are busy serving other callers. 
The Governor followed up in his release this afternoon stating that “the most vulnerable populations within phase 1b are prioritized and directed the Connecticut Department of Public Health to begin the phase by prioritizing the vaccine for persons over the age of 75 in the first wave. As supply increases and a significant portion of individuals over 75 have received the vaccine, phase 1b will open up to include more of the population.”

Bridgeport officials will continue to provide residents with updates as more of our community becomes eligible for the vaccine. The city has established webpages to assist residents with COVID Vaccination information, eligibility, as well as links to register for the vaccine at “”

“Bridgeport Senior Center staff members are reaching out to member-residents 75+ to assist in the registration process. We understand that there may be delays in submitting a registration or in receiving a confirmation from the VAMS registration program,” stated Mayor Ganim. “We urge patience as the state continues to address the volume of applicants.”

The Mayor added, “Until it is time for your vaccine, remember to wear your mask, social distance, and get tested often.  Do it for yourself, your family, our community - continue to protect against the spread of COVID-19.” Community testing sites can be found here

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