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Bridgeport, CT - The Bridgeport Police Department is pleased to announce that Shanda Scott has been hired to fill the vacant position of Victim’s Services Coordinator.   Mrs. Scott will serve as a point person by offering direction, resources, and information to members of the Bridgeport community that have been the victim of a violent crime and are in need of assistance. 

Mrs. Scott is a Bridgeport resident and comes to us with extensive community outreach experience working in New York City with youth and victims’ services.  Her qualifications, presentation and expressed desire to work with the Bridgeport community were just some of her strong points. Her mission in this capacity is to limit the impact of violent crime and tragedy through information, referral, support, and education.

Mayor Ganim met with Mrs. Scott and expressed his support for this position, “We appreciate Mrs. Scott joining the department to provide residents with help.  Having a professional with the know-how and resources is critical for individuals that may be dealing with trauma as the result of a crime.”

Deputy Chief Baraja stated, “I am thankful for the support from the Mayor and the Chief and look forward to working with our newest team member.   I am confident that with Mrs. Scott, we will be able to provide enhanced services to the community.”

The position of Victim’s Services Coordinator became vacant following the retirement of a long time employee.  After an extensive search and interview process this position was filled by Shanda Scott on January 18, 2022.

If you or a family member have been the victim of violent crime and are seeking help, please feel free to contact Mrs. Scott at 203-576-7714 or


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