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Bridgeport, CT – With the Bridgeport Police Department under new leadership, informational sessions are being held for prospective candidates. These informational sessions come shortly after Chief Roderick Porter was sworn in as the new Chief of Police for the city of Bridgeport; with one of his goals being to get police staffing back to its full strength and capacity. During Porter’s live stream on Facebook on December 13, 2022, he stated: “Our intent is to help candidates get through this process to become police officers. Our goal isn’t to eliminate anyone, it’s to offer tips on how to be successful during the process.”

The informational sessions that are being offered will cover an array of topics. Subjects include details about the agility exam, academy academics, opportunities within the department, possible start dates at the police academy, and other information highlighting the specifics of the process. The first session, which took place on December 21, 2022, was at capacity. It is hoped that the session on January 5, 2023 will follow suit. Mayor Ganim stated: “The future of the Bridgeport Police Department looks bright, knowing that the department has already received a positive response from the first informational session. I’m hopeful that the next session is just as receptive and will help to accelerate the process of finding new recruits to join the police force.”

Lieutenant Angelo Collazo, who is the Commander of the training academy, has been appointed as the person of contact for those who are interested in attending the January informational session. The next session will be held at the Bridgeport Police Academy on 405 Newfield Ave, located within the city’s East End.

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