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Bridgeport, CT – During the month of February, The City of Bridgeport has conducted a series of events focused on the celebration of Black History Month. One of the final events that have been planned to close out the celebration is an art gallery, which would include the work of the students that attend schools within the Bridgeport Public School district. The gallery is to celebrate the talent of the diverse student population that live in the City. The gallery will also include musical performances and skits performed by Bridgeport students. Dr. Sarah-Jane Henry, Director of Performing and Visual Arts for Bridgeport Public Schools, has been the City’s primary contact for getting Bridgeport students involved in the gallery.

“Bridgeport Public Schools is delighted to partner with the City of Bridgeport to highlight our incredibly talented students,” stated Dr. Henry. “Visual Artists from Bridgeport Military Academy and John Winthrop School are excited to share their creations with visitors to City Hall Annex during Black History Month. Student performers from Park City Magnet School and Waltersville School have been rehearsing and preparing for their showcases at the upcoming celebration on Friday; we appreciate the opportunity to shine a spotlight on our talented students.”

The participating schools in the art gallery and performances are as follows:

  • Bridgeport Military Academy
  • Park City Magnet School
  • Waltersville School
  • John Winthrop School

Following the presentation of the art gallery, the City of Bridgeport Health Department will host a workshop, centered around healthy lifestyles. The focus of the workshop will be to discuss health disparities and their impact on the Black communities. The goal is to build upon improved health outcomes by starting with healthy behaviors and choices. There will be a mobile vaccine clinic, blood pressure screenings, mental health practitioners, physical activities, and representatives from medical homes that Bridgeport residents will be able to meet with during the event.

Mayor Ganim stated, “I’m very honored to be able to close out our Black History Month Celebration with two meaningful events. As we’ve been doing as much as possible to highlight the importance of this month, I want everyone to remember that African American communities should continue to be celebrated outside of just February.”

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For more information:

Flyer of The City of Bridgeport Student Art Gallery for Black History Month. The gallery was held on February 24, 2023 at the Margaret E. Morton Government Center from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM at 999 Broad Street, in Bridgeport, CT.