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Bridgeport, CT – The City of Bridgeport’s Department of Public Facilities is working with the Town of Fairfield to clear debris and trash from the Rooster River, which serves as the border between Bridgeport and Fairfield. The plan to clear debris will start at the access point on Dora Circle where Fairfield Public Works Department and The City of Bridgeport Department of Public Facilities will clear debris, trash, fallen tree branches, plastic bottles, trash bags, and any other floating objects that obstruct the flow of the river.

Bridgeport’s Public Facilities Department will be transporting all collected trash and transporting it to an approved location for disposal. Safety measures are being used to ensure sediment collected from Rooster River isn’t hazardous or a contaminant to the local environment surrounding the river. Soil samples are being used to ensure the safety of debris transport for disposal.

“I’m very pleased to know that the Rooster River is being cleared in time for the upcoming spring season,” Mayor Ganim stated. “This will greatly assist with any possible flooding during periods of heavy rain we’re expecting to receive over the next few months.”

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