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Bridgeport, CT—Today, Personnel Director Eric Amado certified to Mayor Ganim the top three names for Chief of Police pursuant to City of Bridgeport Charter, Chapter 13. These names were the result of a nationwide search and test administered by the International Association of Chief of Police (IACP) over the past few months.

The top three candidates are Acting Chief Rebeca Garcia, Captain Lonnie Blackwell, and former Captain Roderick Porter.

The process conducted by the IACP yielded a total of 27 applicants. 19 of the candidates met the required qualifications for Bridgeport Police Chief and 11 of the candidates successfully completed the phone screening. Ultimately, 10 candidates participated in the final assessment process and were ranked.

There will be a 30-day appeal period pursuant to the civil service requirements of the Bridgeport City Charter. Mayor Ganim will announce in the coming weeks a public process that will unfold following the 30-day appeal period, which will include community, stakeholder, City Council, and administration input prior to his final selection.

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