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Bridgeport, CT— Today, City Officials gave an update on recent business expansion taking place in the City. A new Starbucks is now being built and will welcome coffee enthusiasts at the intersection of Fairfield Avenue and Mountain Grove Street in the City's west side.

Mayor Ganim stated, “With Bridgeport quickly growing and becoming a forefront for new businesses and live entertainment, making these projects and infrastructure improvements a reality has the potential to add significant momentum to the revitalization of our City as well as improve the quality of life for neighborhood residents on the east and west sides of Bridgeport.”

The largest international coffee company in the world will open its third location in Bridgeport, following successful ventures in the East Side at Steelpointe and in the North End at Brookside Shopping Center. The building for the new location already has its steel framing in place, and before winter sets in, it should be completely enclosed.

The newly opened O'Reilly Auto Parts Store and the new west side Starbucks are both parts of a $4 million retail development. Developer Richard Korris is continuing his work on the project after finishing the redevelopment and lease of the immensely popular North Park Shopping Center on Park Avenue.

Richard Korris stated, “They see the steady population growth, and the increasing level of investment being made throughout the city, more of the national chains are taking a look at the city.  We’re pleased to be able to bring this popular brand to Bridgeport.”

In preparation for an April opening, Starbucks will start its employment process in the late winter. The location at 1705 Fairfield Avenue will include drive-through service and café seating.

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