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Bridgeport, CT –  The Bridgeport Police Department has partnered with the Council of Churches of Greater Bridgeport and Swords to Plowshares to host a “gun buyback” event on Saturday, June 12th from 10am until 2pm at the Community Services Building located at 1395 Sylvan Avenue. Guns may be turned in anonymously in exchange for gift cards.  

Participants can receive up to $50 for a shotgun/rifle, $200 for a handgun/revolver and $250 for an assault rifle.  Guns must be operable and unloaded and secured in a bag or container.  
The gun buyback is being sponsored by the Council of Churches of Greater Bridgeport in partnership with Swords to Plowshares Northeast. The goal of the buyback event is to take unwanted guns out of homes and off the streets, and to promote responsible gun ownership and gun safety. Free gun locks will be available at the event.  

Officials for the Council of Churches stated, “As June is National Gun Violence Awareness month, it is important to consider those who might be particularly vulnerable with a firearm in the home – children, victims of domestic violence and those suffering from mental illness and dementia. Turning in unwanted guns is a critical step toward making the community safer.”

“If you know a family member or friend that has an illegal weapon, this is a good time to take action and take that firearm before it can be used in a crime or an act of violence,” stated Acting Chief Garcia.
Bridgeport Police advise that there is no appointment necessary, no ID required, no questions asked.   When participants arrive to the event with the secured firearm(s), preferably in the trunk - notify an officer on site who will safely remove the firearm(s) from your vehicle for the buyback. Children are not permitted to attend the event.

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