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Bridgeport, CT – Today, The Kennedy Collective stopped by Mayor Ganim’s office to present him with two paintings. One of the paintings was to serve as a Christmas gift to the Mayor, meanwhile the other, a waterfront painting of Bridgeport, serving as the first piece of artwork commissioned by The Kennedy Collective. Mayor Ganim had the opportunity to meet Christina Bevin, one of the artists that attends the multifaceted arts program at the Maggie Daly Arts Cooperative. There, the Mayor was able to inquire about purchasing a painting after seeing Bevin’s work be displayed at a gallery showing on June 28, 2022.

The Kennedy Collective, formally known as “The Kennedy Center,” has been working for the past 71 years to provide services and build opportunities that prove people with disabilities bring significant value. The mission of The Kennedy Collective has been to “create pathways for people to flourish and thrive” since 1951, while creating spaces where individuals can tap into many talents and abilities. 

“The painting looks amazing, I’m so excited to have it hung in our office, as it will be here for years to come,” stated Mayor Ganim. Bevin and Mayor Ganim immediately hung the painting after its presentation, just below two spotlights: giving it the perfect space and lighting for viewing.

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Photo of Mayor Ganim holding a painting while standing next to the painter who presented the piece to him in the Mayor's back conference room. The artist is from The Kennedy Collective in Bridgeport.