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Bridgeport, CT – On Monday, March 27, 2023, the Bridgeport Police Department began the process of training police recruits by hosting the 45th class on their first day of the Police Academy. The first day of the academy was an introductory training day that allowed the recruits to get familiar with the Police Academy Building, participate in the Fitness Exam, and receive other briefings that were necessary to the Orientation of Basic Training session with Academy staff. The recruits were also sworn in on their first day of the Academy; taking oaths to support the U.S. Constitution while maintaining integral traits of professional policing. Following the official swearing-in, Chief Porter emphasized the importance of the Bridgeport Police department and the expectations he has for the new class.

“When I look at you all, I want you all to think of who in this room will be the next detective, the next sergeant, or the next Chief of Police,” Chief Porter stated. “We’re not bringing you here to just to be police officers; we’re bringing you here to be leaders. We want you to be pillars of our community and to support our residents.”

Mayor Ganim stated, “With all the challenges that come with being a police officer, I thank you all for wanting to serve in the Bridgeport Police Department. The collective strength of this class proves that you all will make a difference in our City.”

Out of all twenty-five recruits, twenty-three will be Bridgeport officers with one Trumbull officer and one Seymore officer. The recruits are expected to complete the Police Academy within 5-6 months.

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Photo of Mayor Ganim standing next to Chief Porter and other Bridgeport Police Officers as he speaks to class 45 at the Bridgeport Police Academy.