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Bridgeport, CT – Mayor Ganim announced that Bridgeport’s Department of Public Facilities have begun working on renovations of the basketball courts at Nanny Goat Park located at 74 Oak Street in the Hollow community of Bridgeport. The basketball courts are currently under construction and will be closed until April 5, 2023, weather permitting. Residents must use caution and should not enter any of the basketball courts while they are under construction. Signs have been placed throughout areas of Nanny Goat Park to alert residents not to use the basketball courts until construction is complete.

Mayor Ganim stated, “I’m very excited to know that the children of the Hollow neighborhood will have brand new basketball courts to utilize, especially now that springtime is upon us. My hope is that these renovations help spark a deeper sense of pride in the Hollow, as many children have used and will continue to use Nanny Goat Park for recreation.”

The renovations being made to the park include all new post-tension concrete basketball courts that have new goal systems with padding. Surface painting will also be a part of the renovations to improve the experience for all who utilize the basketball courts.

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Graphic image of caution sign with basketball crossed out. The flyer states the basketball court is closed and under renovation.