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Bridgeport, CT – Mayor Ganim announced that Bridgeport’s City Hall main entrance will be subject to reconstruction starting today. The project will last for ten months as parts of the main entrance is demolished and rebuilt.

Mayor Ganim stated, “With all the improvements happening in our City, I’m happy that we’re able to tend to our municipal buildings as well. My hope is that these improvements will allow for a smoother entrance into City Hall and will be a great way to start off the 2024 year.”

The development includes but isn’t limited to the demolition and reconstruction of the ADA ramp at the main entrance, which allows wheelchair access into City Hall. A temporary ADA ramp will be installed in replacement until the permanent ramp is complete. The project will also include drainage improvement within the front areaways of the building, removal and reconstructing of the existing granite steps that lead into the building, replacement of the main entrance doors of City Hall, demolition of the existing vault framing and slab, backfilling of the existing vault, construction of concrete walls, and reconstruction of the sidewalk.

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