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Community Input Survey Open to Public At City Website

Bridgeport, CT—Mayor Ganim confirmed today that preparations for the nomination of a Police Chief have begun. The International Association of Chiefs of Police (the IACP) is working with the Office of the Civil Service Commission and Personnel Director Eric M. Amado to arrange survey and meetings with various organization and community stakeholders, who will provide input on the characteristics and traits being sought for in a Police Chief. Surveyed groups and meeting participants will include municipal employees, emergency and public safety representatives, City Council persons, Bridgeport Police Commission, and community organizations. In addition, our community engagement efforts will be expanded through the hosting of two community forums; allowing city residents the opportunity to share their ideas regarding this process.

The timeline for the police chief search process:

  • May 27: Community Survey available to the public (open for 10 days). Links to access the survey are on the city website at
  • June 2: Community Forum at Central High School 6pm – open to all City residents
  • June 3: Community Forum at Mertens Auditorium on the former University of Bridgeport Campus 1pm – open to City residents
  • June 13: Application process for candidates begins (open for 4 weeks)
  • August 1 to August 5: Assessment Center for finalist candidates
  • September 16: Presentation of three finalists to the Mayor

In addition to the recommendations of the community, the IACP will evaluate all candidates to ensure that they meet the basic minimum requirements. Desirable credentials are developed based on information acquired during the job analysis. Applicants that do not match the minimum requirements will not be considered. An examination will be conducted for those candidates that meet minimum qualifications to rank and score their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

There will be two rounds of exercises after the desired number of qualifying applications have been received. Applicants who pass the initial screening for minimum qualifications go to the next round of screening and evaluation.  Semi-finalists from screening and evaluation advance to a structured exercise phase. The Civil Service Commission certifies the finalists' ranking on a list based on composite scores from the structured exercise.

The three finalists will be offered to Mayor Ganim in the final phase of the process. Once a final decision is reached, the Mayor will notify the Civil Service Commission and the Board of Police Commissioners of the appointment.

"When it comes to appointing a new Chief of Police, our community is the most essential stakeholder.  Bridgeport residents want an open and equitable process, and they encourage community input,” stated Mayor Ganim. “This administration is looking for a Chief of Police who values public safety as a priority and views their employment as an opportunity to improve the quality of life for all residents and sees our community members as partners to be aided.”

More information, including the links to the community survey, as well as background on the Forums, may be found on the City's website at

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