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Bridgeport, CT – Mayor Ganim announces that twelve committees composed of seventy-seven community members have begun reviewing applications submitted for funding available through the American Rescue Plan Act in the City of Bridgeport.    

In August, after several weeks of public input, the City of Bridgeport released thirteen Request for Proposals (RFPs) for funding through the American Rescue Plan Act for Bridgeport-based small businesses and non-profits. Almost seven hundred applications were submitted and are currently being reviewed by non-conflicted selection committees composed of city staff, City Council representatives, and community members. The committees have already made some decisions on grant dollars to be received by Bridgeport small businesses and non-profits and the first announcements regarding allocations for several of the RFP categories will occur this month.  

Mayor Ganim stated, “I am pleased that the ARP committees have begun the hard work of reviewing over 600 applications received by the City. I have utmost confidence that the members of these various committees will ensure that the ARP money is distributed in a way that lifts up our community in the wake of COVID-19 and sets Bridgeport on a path for future growth, development, and success.”

Council President Aidee Nieves stated, “The City of Bridgeport’s ARP committees are diverse, representing many different neighborhoods, areas of expertise, and affiliations. We wanted to bring everyone to the table to ensure that the decision-making process was equitable and represents the many interests of the residents of Bridgeport.”

Small Business Committee (Business Expansion and Storefront Improvement grants)
- Scott Burns, City Councilman 130th District, Budget Co-Chair
- Elena Cahill, Director, University of Bridgeport Bauer Hall Innovation Center
- Lauren Coakley-Vincent, President & CEO Downtown Special Services District
- Yesenia Figueroa, City of Bridgeport Small Minority Business Enterprise 
- Fred Gee, City of Bridgeport Small Minority Business Enterprise
- Marisol Herrera, President, Greater Bridgeport Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
- Ed Lavernoich, President, Bridgeport Economic Development Corporation
- Matthew McCarthy, City Councilman 130th District, Certified Public Accountant
- Thomas McMillan, President, Minority Business Administration, Business-Owner
- Ernest Newton, City Councilman 139th District, Budget Co-Chair
- Michele Otero, City of Bridgeport, Contract Compliance Officer 
- Patricia Rowe, City of Bridgeport Chief Administrative Office 

Affordable Housing, Rental Assistance & Homelessness
- Edward Adams, Mayor’s Liaison to the Housing Authority
- Jeanette Herron, City Councilwoman 133rd District
- Tyler Mack, Aide, Connecticut Senate Democrats
- Adrienne Numaworse, City of Bridgeport Health Department, Resident Relocation Coordinator
- Reggy Starx, Fridgeport 

Community Health Services
- Samuel Diaz, Chief Strategy Officer, Southwest Community Health Center, Inc.
- Jodi Fulton, Registered Nurse, City of Bridgeport Health Department 
- Niels Heilmann, Bridgeport Generation Now, MD from Columbia Medical School
- Ebony Jackson-Shaheed, City of Bridgeport Health Director 
- Peter Spain, Former City Councilman, MPH from Yale University

Domestic Violence, Mental Health & Addiction Services
- Tiheba Bain, Founder, Women Against Mass Incarceration
- Jorge Cruz, City Councilman 131st District
- Dr. Ralph Ford, Psychologist
- Rev. Godbolt, Enterchange Ministries
- Josue Jorge, City of Bridgeport Communications Department
- Dr. Dwayne Smith, President, Housatonic Community College

Faith Based Initiatives
- Janene Hawkins, City of Bridgeport Chief Administrative Officer
- Michelle Lyons, City Councilwoman 134th District
- Francis Nuñez, Community Organizer
- Rev. Cass Shaw, Former President, Council of Churches of Greater Bridgeport

Nutrition Insecurity
- Ola Akande, City of Bridgeport Health Department
- Faith Fennelly, Director of Philanthropy, Newman’s Own Foundation
- Nichola Hall, Assistant Director, Bridgeport Public Schools Food & Nutrition Services
- John Marshall Lee, Financial Listener
- Maria Valle, City Councilwoman, 137th, Liaison to the Food Policy Council 

Public Safety & Crime Prevention
- Gemeem Davis, Co-Director, Bridgeport Generation Now
- Antonio Felipe, State Representative, 130th District
- Lt. Paul Grech, Bridgeport Police Department
- Rosalina Roman-Christy, City Councilwoman, 135th District

Residential Weatherization
- Joseph Gresko, State Representative, City of Bridgeport Sustainability Coordinator
- Scott Burns, City Councilman 130th District, Budget Co-Chair
- Kai Starn, Senior Sustainability Consultant, Steven Winter Associates, Inc. 

Second Chance & Re-Entry
- Earl Bloodworth, Director of Mayor’s Initiative for Re-Entry Affairs
- Elaine Braithwaite, City Librarian
- Dr. Monette Ferguson, CEO, Alliance for Community Empowerment
- Dr. Herron Gaston, Assistant Chief Administrative Officer, City of Bridgeport
- Shamare Holmes, Hang Time & Her Time
- Rev. Nancy Kingwood, President, GBAPP
- Virgilio Rosario, Business Owner and Community Leader
- Kirk Wesley, CONECT 

Visual and Performing Arts
- Chris Caruso, Former State Representative
- Sarah-Jane Henry, Director, Performing & Visual Arts, Bridgeport Public Schools 
- Rowena White, Director of Communications & Marketing, City of Bridgeport
- Bruce Williams, Black Rock Arts Guild, Business Owner 
- Kim Bianca Williams, East End Resident and Small Business Owner
Workforce Development
- Marcus Brown, City Councilman, 132nd District
- Vincent Mobilio, City of Bridgeport Office of Planning & Economic Development
- Daniel Roach, City of Bridgeport
- Dan Onofrio, President & CEO, Bridgeport Regional Business Council

Youth & Education
- Razul Branch, Bridgeport Arts Council
- Dr. Monette Ferguson, CEO, Alliance for Community Empowerment
- Roland Harmon, Co-President, Governor’s Prevention Partnership 
- Mark Harp, City of Bridgeport Lighthouse Program
- Callie Heilmann, Co-Director, Bridgeport Generation Now
- Linda Kirkland, Alliance for Community Empowerment
- Rev. Mary McBride-Lee, City Councilwoman, 135th District
- Judy Morella, City of Bridgeport Lighthouse Program
- Aidee Nieves, City of Bridgeport City Council President
- Tim O’Connor, Bridgeport Resident
- Veronica Ortiz, Constituent Services, Mayor’s Office 
- Hermino “Tito” Planas, Executive Director, Elementary Education & Mathematics, BPS
- Carli Rocha-Reaes, Director of School Counseling, Bridgeport Public Schools
- Marilyn Rodriguez, Executive Assistant to the Mayor
- Joe Sokolovic, Bridgeport Board of Education
- Michael Testani, Superintendent, Bridgeport Public Schools 
- Carolyn Vermont, Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity 
- John Weldon, Chairman, Bridgeport Board of Education

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