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Bridgeport, CT – Last Tuesday, February 14th, a public meeting was held in which residents of Bridgeport’s North End were able to express concerns for plans to renovate the space that used to occupy 2600 Madison Ave. The site’s new owner, Hugh Scott of SimCove LLC, has recently proposed to convert the building to a newly designed self-storage facility.

Members of the City Council who helped organize the event—Michelle Lyons, AmyMarie Vizzo-Paniccia, and Jeanette Herron—expressed their willingness to work with the developer to come up with a more suitable development for the site. Among many of the residents that opposed the possible construction of a storage facility, Mayor Ganim sided with North End residents, emphasizing that a senior citizen center would be more beneficial to improve quality of life for our seniors.

“Last week, several members of the delegation and I stood with Governor Lamont as he announced a $600 million investment in housing across the state,” Mayor Ganim stated. “We would urge the developer to look at housing alternatives for the site, and embrace the idea put forth by former-State Representative Christopher Caruso to develop elderly housing on the site, potentially incorporating a new North End senior center.”

Mayor Ganim welcomes the support of State Representative Marcus Brown and Senator Marilyn Moore that was offered at the last week’s public meeting to secure state financial resources for a housing development on the site.

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