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Bridgeport, CT– Today, Mayor Ganim visited the $4.6 million federally funded Connectivity Project along Water Street that will provide an aesthetic link from the transit garage, bus terminal, Train Station and Ferry Terminal.

Mayor Ganim stated, “With Bridgeport quickly growing and becoming a forefront for new businesses and live entertainment, we are doing all that we can to provide both a favorable business environment and a positive experience for visitors, residents, and newcomers.  These colorful and structural upgrades improve our city’s economic potential and our quality of life.”

Major downtown destinations were identified through a wayfinding analysis that distinguishes tourist hotspots, city amenities, transit hubs, public parking, as well as significant automobile and pedestrian circulation routes between these locations.  The Connectivity Project will provide appeal with a distinct look that is physically and visually pleasing.  In addition to the noticeable changes, news signs are being posted to address wayfinding needs for visitors.

The improvements include lighting designs that promote an environmentally conscious arrival to the downtown from different transportation modes.  While walking, pedestrians will experience a new animated streetscape getting to and from the intermodal hub. These upgrades will further promote exploration of the entire downtown area while improving the aesthetics and public safety.

Pedestrians will also have smoother foot paths with 27,000 square feet of new concrete sidewalks and 12,000 square feet of asphalt crosswalks.  Railroad and highway underpasses have been painted to improve their appearance and visibility. Additionally, 42 trees, 26 new benches, and 2 new bike racks have been installed.

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