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Outdoor Dining Permit Process

New Streamlined Outdoor Dining Permit Process (Fee Waived):

1) Click here for outdoor dining permit application.

2) Complete the fill-able application form.

3) Submit form electronically to

4) Do not submit the $100 fee. That has been waived.

5) The Zoning Office will confirm receipt of your application and reach out to you by phone.

6) The Zoning Office will coordinate any further review needed by the Health Department and the Fire Marshal’s office.

7) Zoning Department will deliver your permit to your place of business. 

Please Note Additional State of Connecticut Requirements

8) You must abide by the “Reopen Connecticut” rules for outdoor dining. Click here for sector rules.   

9) You must submit the State of Connecticut’s required on-line “Self-Certification Form” for your business.  Click here to self-certify.

10) If you wish to serve liquor and do not currently have a permit, you must apply to the State. Click here for instructions.   

11) If your business is located on a state road, there are additional submittal requirements.Click here for instructions.


For a complete list of restaurants which have reopened with Outdoor Dining, click here


FAQs Regarding Outdoor Dining

May I use a parking lot next to my restaurant? 
Yes, you may, either as owner, or as a tenant with the permission of the owner. 

May I use the sidewalk? 
Yes, you may, provided that there will still be 6 feet of sidewalk width available for pedestrian passage. 

May I use a public parking space?
Not at this time. 

May I put up a tent? 
Yes, but the tent structure may not have sides and will be subject to further Building Department and Fire Marshal review. 

How do I need to designate the outdoor dining area?
With a theater rope, or posts, or a low wall, or a temporary portable fence, something that establishes some separation and a clear area.