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Bridgeport, CT – City of Bridgeport officials are advising event organizers of any modified safety protocols and how to secure a permit for an outdoor planned event on city property and in any of the city’s parks.  Organizers are required to obtain a permit for any event hosted on city property.  Events without proper permits, or in violation of the permit application will be subject to cease and desist.

How to Secure a Permit for an Outdoor Event in the City of Bridgeport

Anyone hosting an event on public property or in city parks must apply for a permit in the City of Bridgeport. Whether the event is free or ticketed, open to the public, or invitation only, all events organizers must apply and be approved. Depending on the event, permit approval may require several departments, so officials ask that you submit your request a minimum of 30 days in advance.

To begin the application process, click here. Events hosted in city parks, on city property, or in city buildings must follow any and all city and public safety guidelines, including closure times, noise ordinances, and COVID health safety protocols.  All relevant guidelines will be outlined upon approval of each individual event permit.  Below is the outline of the Permit Process that can also be found here

1. Start by filling out the online form. Your email form will be automatically routed to the appropriate staff.

2. After successfully completing the form, Director of City Events will schedule a Zoom or in-person meeting with you to evaluate the needs of your event. 

3. Each Department will provide the organizer a checklist of documents and information required to proceed with the event.

4. If your event is hosted in a city park, it must then be approved by the Board of Park Commissioners. 

Your application will trigger the Parks Department to add your event to the agenda in order to obtain approval. The Board of Park Commissioners meets every second Tuesday of each month.

5. Once the organizer has obtained approval by the Parks Board and/or City Departments, the following process takes place

• Organizer will be contacted by Director of City Events to ensure event meets all requirements.

• Bridgeport Health Department will discuss permits and fees involved with having any form of food for sale or consumption and ensuring that organizers meet all health and safety protocols.  

• Bridgeport Police Department will provide an operations plan for any type of security or traffic control. This plan will be accompanied by a schedule of estimated police fees.  

• Public Facilities will outline any fees that may be incurred for trash, dumpster, other related needs. 

• Upon meeting the above requirements, including payment for any costs associated, organizer will be provided with a permit application that will require signature approvals of the associated city departments.

• Public events hosted on any city property require Certificate of Liability insurance coverage. 

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