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Safety Program Will Detect Drivers that Do Not Stop at School Bus Stop Signs and Assist Bridgeport Police with Issuing Fines to Violators

Bridgeport, CT – City Council approved a contract between the City of Bridgeport and BusPatrol America LLC to improve school children safety by encouraging safe driving around school buses throughout the community.

BusPatrol has committed to installing cameras, sensors, and the company’s AI technology on the outside of all Bridgeport school buses to detect drivers and record their license plate information when they unlawfully pass a stopped school bus. In collaboration with Bridgeport Public Schools and the Bridgeport Police Department, the technology will be installed at no cost to the City and BusPatrol will, instead, receive a percentage of the collected fines.

In Connecticut, the Stop Arm Law prohibits a vehicle from overtaking or passing a stopped school bus that is displaying its flashing red signal lights. First-offense violators are subject to a $450 civil fine. Each subsequent offense results in a fine not less than $500 dollars and no more than $1000 and/or imprisonment for no more than thirty (30) days. (CT Gen. Stat. Ann. § 51-56a).

The monitoring system will be installed, operated, and maintained by BusPatrol. When the bus stops for a pickup or drop off, the cameras positioned outside the bus will take a photo of any automobile that does not follow the stop signal and/or flashing lights. The recorded information will be reviewed by the Bridgeport Police Department before violations are issued by the State. Notices of violations are mailed to the owners of vehicles that have been operated in violation of the Stop Arm Law.

Mayor Ganim stated, “This is a critical step towards protecting young people in our community from dangerous driving habits. Through the implementation of this program, violators can now be held accountable, and we expect a substantial decrease in violations over time.”

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