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Bridgeport, CT – The City of Bridgeport’s Department of Public Facilities has facilitated a number of large projects throughout the City that have so far been successful due to resident participation and compliance. Earlier this year, Household Bulk Pickup was reintroduced to the City and resulted in approximately 3,000 residential appointments being filled. Out of those appointments, 900 tons of trash were removed, and 140 tons of metal items were collected throughout the entirety of Bridgeport.

Partnered by the Household Bulk Pickup program, the Department of Public Facilities also began the Pavement Preservation Plan, which was preceded by the massive street paving project that took place in Bridgeport, starting in the summer of 2023. Upon completion of the paving project, 147 streets in Bridgeport have been recorded as having been paved, setting the record as the largest street paving project in the City. With the success of this project, the preservation plan will consist of crack-sealing a total of 80 Bridgeport streets to extend their life span after paving. The major goal is to preserve City streets for the longest period at the lowest cost. This will prevent cracks from turning into potholes over time, leading to larger road maintenance projects in the future. For more information on updates regarding this project and streets that have been paved, visit

The most recent project that the Department of Public Facilities has successfully completed was the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day. The project consisted of residents of Bridgeport being able to drop off hazardous waste items to Blackham School in which items were safely disposed of. The Department of Public Facilities has reported that about 500 cars were able to visit the drop-off location and safely dispose of hazardous waste.

“The Bridgeport Department of Public Facilities has worked tirelessly throughout this year to ensure an improved quality of our residents in the City, but the latter half of this year has made me incredibly grateful for the work they’ve done,” stated Mayor Ganim. “We’ve seen many improvements appear throughout the entire City and that’s because of the work and efforts that Public Facilities has maintained to complete these projects and many others that are currently ongoing. 

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