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BRIDGEPORT, CT – The City will introduce an outdoor fitness court at the West Beach entrance of Seaside Park on Friday, enhancing and improving the quality of life for Bridgeport residents. This project is a key component of a 2022 campaign established by National Fitness Campaign (NFC), a countrywide wellness consulting company that collaborates with towns and schools to plan, build, and support healthy communities.

This year, Bridgeport, and dozens of other select recipients from around the country were awarded a $30,000 grant from NFC to help support the program. In addition to this grant funding, sponsorship from the Bridgeport Environmental Task Force contributed, $201,500 to make the project possible in Bridgeport.

The new outdoor gym has seven stations where users can use their own body weight to accomplish a full exercise. The Fitness Court was designed for those who are 14 years of age and older and can accommodate all fitness levels. The free Fitness Court App, a coach-in-your-pocket style platform that turns the outdoor gym into a technologically aided health experience, is another option available to users. Both IOS and Android users can download the Fitness Court app.

This Fitness Court will allow residents to get fit and lower their risk of heart disease. The launch of the Fitness Court and the BPTHeart event will both occur at 9:00 AM on September 30, 2022. Enjoy cooking demonstrations, blood pressure screenings, fitness classes such as Yoga, Tai Chi, and Zumba. The Fitness Court is located in the first parking lot as you enter West Beach, by the old horse barn, in the former skate park.

“We are excited to have this addition to the City's journey to better health and wellness as we make a positive impact across Bridgeport,’’ stated Mayor Ganim, "The addition of the Fitness Court and ongoing engagement in healthy lifestyles demonstrates a tremendous commitment to the community.”

National Fitness Campaign created the seven-station system, in 2012 in an effort to encourage local governments to turn public areas into centers for community fitness. The 500th Healthy Community in America is being planned by the nationally recognized NFC effort.

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