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Bridgeport, CT— East Main Street is sprucing up. The region is experiencing significant new investment thanks to historic repair, new construction, and increased economic activity. The CEO of Focus Pointe Development, Alex Demirhan, claims that East Main Street presents special value and possibilities: “The structures are simply stunning. Our goal is to give old structures new life while also offering a decent mix of retail and upscale homes.”

The imposing three-story mixed-use structure at 444 East Main is currently undergoing rehabilitation and expansion work by Demirhan's company. The structure is among the oldest in the city and was first built in 1889. Focus Pointe is developing an expansion to accommodate ground level commercial space that will house a grocery and convenience store, a small fast-food chain, as well as a new petrol station; with eight pumps and electric charging stations that will be available. Focus Pointe is also providing 6 newly renovated apartments on the higher floors. The project will cost about $3 million in total and is well under way.

“It’s important to build in a way that respects the neighborhood’s architectural character,” stated Mr. Demirhan. “The gas station is tucked behind the façade of the addition. We wanted to keep the East Main Street scale and feeling, as we bring new activity to the area.

The area has strong consumer traffic and has decent freeway access. It is situated just two blocks north of the Steelpointe Starbucks and just two doors down from the perennially popular El Coquito restaurant.

Mayor Ganim stated, "We value the city's historic treasures and have worked diligently to promote renovation in the city's older neighborhoods, particularly along the commercial corridors. This project demonstrates the effectiveness of this approach. Focus Pointe has really combined the best of the old and new.”

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