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Bridgeport, CT – Mayor Ganim is advising residents to prepare for the upcoming storm anticipated to impact Bridgeport Friday, January 7, 2022.  Bridgeport Emergency Operations hosted the first Storm prep meeting for 2022 today with all critical departments and city agencies in order to prepare and respond to the ice and snow conditions expected. 

“We’ll have to wait and see what this storm brings, but our concern is that dropping temperatures can cause severe icing on our roads and sidewalks.  Our department of public facilities crews are prepared and will drop sand and salt as needed.”  Ganim further advised, “I’m asking residents that don’t need to travel to stay off the roads in order to make way for city crews, and to please be careful.”

Forecast - There is a low potential for snowfall to begin around midnight this evening. However, the highest probability of snowfall will occur between Friday at 3 am and 8 am. Snow should begin to taper off by 10 am on Friday. Snowfall Planning amounts between 3-5 inches. Temps will range in the mid 20’s and increase to the low 30’s into Friday. Wind chills will range from 18-21 degrees. For more information, visit

Plowing - Bridgeport Streets within the City are prioritized to clear major travel routes first. This allows public safety vehicles access to most parts of the City. The initial plowing activities also provide most residents a clearing within two to three blocks of their home and most destinations in the City. Other factors include locations of schools, hospitals, major commercial centers, and other facilities with the large public interest.  

For snow plowing issues, call 203-576-7130.  Any plowing issues or concerns can be reported using the mobile application Bridgeport 311

Public Facilities Operations and Services

  • Sanitation & Recycling – Cancelled Friday and will resume Saturday
  • Transfer Station – Closed Friday and will re-open Saturday
  • Brown Bag Collection – Cancelled Friday and will resume Monday one day behind schedule
  • Golf Course – Closed Friday and will re-open Monday weather permitting
  • Parks – Closed Friday and will re-open Saturday 

Snow Closures

  • Testing site at North Branch Library will be closed Friday, January 7th.

Sidewalks - Commercial and/or residential owners who push snow into the streets or do not clear snow on the sidewalks in front of their buildings are subject to a $100.00 fine per ordinance for each incident.  

Adopt a Hydrant – residents are encouraged to clear snow and make a path to a fire hydrant in their neighborhood to assist the Bridgeport Fire Department in case of fire or another emergency. 

Snow Related Emergencies

During the storm, residents may call the Bridgeport Emergency Operations Center hotline at 203-579-3829 with any snow-related emergencies. Residents can also call the Public Facilities snow emergency hotline at 203-576-7130 and 203-576-7124.

If residents suffer a loss of electricity call the United Illuminating customer hotline at 800-722-5584 or 203-579-3829. Both numbers are for 24-hour emergency service. 

Immediate danger to life and health issues call 9-1-1.

For the latest updates and information about the snowstorm, residents are asked to check, local media, and follow the City of Bridgeport on Twitter and Facebook

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