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Bridgeport, CT – Earlier today, in recognition of “Re-Entry Month,” Mayor Ganim and the Mayor’s Initiative for Re-Entry Affairs (MIRA) hosted the organizations that were funded by the City of Bridgeport under the American Rescue Plan. The event was an opportunity for each of the organizations to talk about how they are using their ARPA awards to provide second chance opportunities to the thousands of justice-impacted residents in our city and foster better collaboration among themselves.

It is estimated that approximately 1,000 people return to Bridgeport each year from prison. During today’s event, re-entry organizations working in Bridgeport talked about programs that provide both wrap-around and targeted services to these residents and their families. Among the services offered by these organizations are supportive housing, financial literacy courses, tax preparation, transportation, workforce training and placement, and resources specific to women in prison. 

Today’s event builds on the work of the MIRA Program, started by Mayor Ganim in 2016 to address the social and financial barriers that thousands of Bridgeport residents face as they try to establish themselves back in the community and become productive members of society. MIRA provides linkage to community resources and pertinent information for the empowerment of those who have been previously convicted. MIRA has been striving to foster supportive environments where second chance individuals have the opportunity to contribute to the social, political, and economic development of themselves, their families, and their communities.

Mayor Ganim stated, “As a second-chance Bridgeport resident myself, I know that these organizations are on the front lines helping some of our most vulnerable residents get back on their feet. I am pleased to hear about the great impact that the City’s American Rescue Act dollars are having addressing this major social problem in our community. I remain committed through the MIRA Program to help formerly incarcerated individuals and their families be successful and remove the stigma that comes with being part of the justice system.

Earl L. R. Bloodworth, Director of MIRA, stated, “My office is pleased to partner with these amazing grassroots re-entry organizations that are having a real impact in our community. It is clear from the meeting today that the City’s ARPA dollars are being well spent by these entities and that they are providing services that are essential to returning citizens becoming productive members of society.” 

The list of ARPA recipients are as follows:

  • University of Bridgeport
  • Women Against Mass Incarceration
  • Center for Children's Advocacy
  • Council of Churches Greater Bridgeport
  • Family Reentry
  • United Mentoring Academy
  • Burroughs Community Center
  • Career Resources
  • The Workplace
  • St. Matthews Baptist Church
  • Kadiwaku Family Foundation
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Photo of ARPA Recipients looking forward during the MIRA State of Re-Entry Event at 999 Broad Street in Bridgeport