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Bridgeport, CTThis past Friday, Mayor Ganim met with the Bridgeport Superintendent of schools, Dr. Levy-David, to discuss the outcomes of the recent community forums that took place regarding the plan to close six Bridgeport elementary schools. During this follow-up meeting, the Mayor agreed to funding a comprehensive facility study of these six schools which will provide a more in-depth review before their reconstruction or closure. The facility study will also be heavily influenced by parent, teacher, and public input shared at previous community forums prior to any decision being made to reconstruct or close these schools.

 “It’s shown that we need to make changes and improvements to create the safest and most enhanced environment for the thousands of children that attend Bridgeport Public Schools,” stated Mayor Ganim. “We’re going to partner with the Bridgeport Board of Education to fund a facilities master plan to compliment the input that was received regarding the repurposing and/or closing of six of our Bridgeport Schools. This will go a long way to consider the input that’s been received and to address the concerns raised by the public.”

“My team and I would like to thank Mayor Ganim for the trust and support provided to us during this process. We want to continue to partner with our City leaders and state delegation for the betterment of our students in Bridgeport,” stated Dr. Levy-David. “The community forums have been tremendously engaging and it’s clear that all parents want their children to be in facilities that are safe, have a great learning environment, and are equipped with all proper resources necessary for our students to thrive. Our goal is to build upon our vision for what a 21st century Bridgeport learner should be able to experience.”

Dr. Levy-David has agreed that the June date that was previously proposed for the beginning of the closure and reconstruction process will be tentative and may need to be pushed back due to the time needed to conduct the additional study.

Mayor Ganim added, “I want to thank Dr. Levy-David for her leadership. I have the utmost confidence that with her background and expertise, her vision will only enhance the result of what’s being planned for Bridgeport Public Schools.”

To view a recording of the brief announcement made from Mayor Ganim and Dr. Levy-David, visit the City of Bridgeport Facebook page to view the full video.

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Photo of Superintendent of Bridgeport Public Schools, Dr. Levy-David, and Mayor Ganim, in Mayor Ganim's office having a conversation about the Bridgeport Public Schools Facilities Study