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Bridgeport, CTYesterday, March 27th, Mayor Ganim announced the start of the Main Street Paving Project; a project in which a significant portion of Main Street will be repaved starting in the month of April. Paving will take place from St. Vincent’s Hospital at Hawley Ave up to Merritt Canteen at Vincelette St. This section of Main Street measures 6,000 feet, resulting in over a mile of paving. Paving will be in the southbound lane and will be curb to curb, from the esplanade to the sidewalk. 

Mayor Ganim stated, “The roadwork that was done, and the obligation to repave, is with Southern Connecticut Gas, and unfortunately, the condition has remained too long. I spoke with gas company officials again yesterday to ensure that they will immediately begin paving as soon as the asphalt plants open, which is expected to be coming.”

Mayor Ganim also added, “We have all shared the frustration of the status of this section of Main Street. This road repair is our top priority for roads being paved and potholes filled within our city. I want to thank Southern Connecticut Gas Company for working with us on this project and helping to alleviate some of the damage along the Main Street corridor. We truly look forward to the outcome of this project.”

As this project takes place, residents are encouraged to call 311 or the Mayor’s Office at (203) 576-7201 to identify potholes in Bridgeport as potholes will be filled in the upcoming weeks.

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