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BRIDGEPORT, CT – Mayor Ganim is pleased to announce that Chadwick Schroeder has been hired as a project manager to oversee and coordinate the city’s sustainability efforts and goals.  Mr. Schroeder will serve as a point person in collaborating with city departments, community organizations and outside agencies to improve environmental and economic opportunities in the City of Bridgeport with a focus on making the city sustainable and resilient.

Mr. Schroeder comes to us with experience from Sustainable CT where he worked with other members and municipalities across Connecticut to promote sustainable and equitable communities.  Some of those initiatives showcase residents and local leaders working together to create innovative solutions that result in ensuring neighborhoods thrive. Chadwick also assisted in the creation of the Connecticut Chapter of the American Planning Association’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Action Plan for their organization.

Mayor Ganim, “I am excited that Chadwick has joined my administration to focus on sustainability.   We look forward to making improvements with current efforts and rolling out new initiatives that will ultimately increase the viability and resilience of Bridgeport.   Residents and businesses will experience tangible changes resulting in a higher quality of life and allow for our city to thrive as we implement solutions that are both environmentally and economically sound.”

“ I am extremely excited to join the City of Bridgeport. The City is home to people from many walks of life, with unique experience, and I plan to work and across the departments of the City to put forth a sustainability vision rooted in community and collaboration. The City is well positioned to be the leader in local economy, sustainability, and community in the state and nationally and I look forward to the progress that will be made in my tenure “ stated Chadwick Schroeder.

If you, or an agency you work with is interested in learning more, please feel free to contact Mr. Schroeder at .

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