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City Prepares for Storm Predicted to Bring 4” to 7” of Snowfall

Bridgeport, CT – In anticipation of the pending snowfall due to impact Bridgeport, Mayor Joe Ganim is declaring a snow emergency for the city to take effect at 6:30 PM today, February 27thDuring the snow emergency, residents must move their cars off posted snow emergency streets and heed alternate side of street parking on all other streets.  Snow emergency streets are marked with white signs with red lettering. A list of snow streets can be found on the City’s website by clicking here or the full link:


The City of Bridgeport anticipates snow will become heavy at times Monday night into early Tuesday morning before tapering to snow showers by late Tuesday morning as the low pressure redevelops to a coastal low just south of Cape Cod. The snow will finally come to an end by Tuesday afternoon as the low-pressure system moves out to sea. Anticipated snow accumulation is a general 4 to 7 inches of snow. For more information, visit

Emergency Operation Plan is in effect with enforcement of No Parking on Snow Emergency streets to ensure that plows and public safety crews can clear the streets. On all other non-emergency streets, residents must heed alternate side of the street parking: February 27th is an ODD number day; therefore, residents should park on the side of the street with addresses that are ODD numbers.  After the snow emergency operation plan goes into effect at 6:30 PM on February 27th 2023, vehicles that are not following parking restrictions will be subject to fines and towing.  The easiest way to tell the ODD- or EVEN- numbered side of a street is to check the street address of buildings. If the address ends in an odd number (1, 3, 5, 7, 9) then that building is on the ODD side of the street. If the address ends in an even number (0, 2, 4, 6, 8) then that building is on the EVEN side of the street.

Snow Emergency Parking Lots – In the event that parking is not available for residents on non-emergency streets, Snow Emergency Parking Lots will be open to the public for parking which include all school parking lots in their district and the Health Department parking lot at 752 East Main Street.

Parking in the school and City parking lots listed will be permitted:

  • Geraldine Johnson School
  • Cesar A. Batalla School
  • Jettie S. Tisdale School
  • Hall School
  • Central High School

If school is not cancelled on February 28th, cars will need to be moved by 5AM in order for parking lots to be cleared in time for staff and students.

Vehicles Towed for Public Safety Enforcement – Owners of vehicles that do not comply with the parking ban on emergency streets or alternate side of street parking will have their vehicle towed and incur a minimum $130 towing fee.

Sidewalks - Commercial and/or residential owners who push snow into the streets or do not clear snow on the sidewalks in front of their buildings are subject to a $100.00 fine per ordinance for each incident.  

Adopt a Hydrant – residents are encouraged to clear snow and make a path to a fire hydrant in their neighborhood to assist the Bridgeport Fire Department in case of fire or another emergency. 

Plowing – Bridgeport Streets within the City are prioritized to clear major travel routes first. This allows public safety vehicles access to most parts of the City. The initial plowing activities also provide most residents a clearing within two-to-three blocks of their home and most destinations in the City. Other factors include locations of schools, hospitals, major commercial centers, and other facilities with large public interest. For snow plowing issues, call 203-576-7130.

Any plowing issues or concerns can be reported using mobile application Bridgeport 311.

Operation Care – To help protect the homeless population from unsafe temperatures, please call 2-1-1. Homeless Outreach Team has begun contacting the homeless population to connect them to shelter such as Prospect House and Bridgeport Rescue Mission.

Public Facilities – February 28th

  • Sanitation and Recycling will be postponed
  • Transfer Station will be closed
  • Brown Bag collection will be postponed
  • Parks will be closed

Snow Related Emergencies

During the storm, residents may call the Bridgeport Emergency Operations Center hotline at 203-579-3829 with any snow related emergencies.  

If residents suffer a loss of electricity call the United Illuminating customer hotline at 800-722-5584. Both numbers are for 24-hour emergency service. 

Immediate danger to life and health issues call 9-1-1.

For the latest updates and information about the snowstorm, residents are asked to check, local media and follow the City of Bridgeport on Twitter and Facebook.

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