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Bridgeport, CT – Today, Mayor Ganim announced that he is encouraged by what he heard at the Water Council Meeting hosted by the United States Conference of Mayors. Federal representatives present at the Council Meeting explained that the existing American Relief Bill provides funding opportunities that are a probable means for the City of Bridgeport to seek funding support.  In addition, the current “American Jobs Plan” includes legislation that would provide funding opportunities specifically to improve infrastructure, like Bridgeport’s Water Treatment Plant.  The bill has been cited to include “quality of life infrastructure” for cities and towns across the country to promote residential assets.

The estimated $395 million WPCA infrastructure improvement project at the West End Wastewater Treatment Plant is the single-largest bonding project that the City Council has approved in the history of Bridgeport.   The improvements will reduce the high levels of nitrogen discharged into Long Island Sound, Johnson Creek, and other waterways.   In addition, upgrades and design improvements of the West End Wastewater Treatment Plant will increase capacity from 80 million gallons per day to 200 million gallons per day, drastically reducing the number of bypass events and combined sewer overflows each year due to heavy rainfall. These upgrades will also make it possible for the City of Bridgeport to satisfy CT DEEP requirements and ensure continuous operation of the plant while improving sustainability.

Mayor Ganim stated, “This WPCA project will provide a much-needed upgrade for our city infrastructure, it will also result in immediate jobs, and residents will experience better quality of our waters and environment.  While there are many benefits to this project moving forward, we are seeking every avenue to ensure that the cost does not put an undue burden on ratepayers.”

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