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BRIDGEPORT, CT – Mayor Ganim was joined by religious leaders from the many congregations and churches throughout the city this morning for a Power in Prayer breakfast meeting. The mission of the meeting was to establish and update dialogue, provide an exchange on priorities, and seek assistance from faith leaders to pray for our city and its residents.

The breakfast was attended by more than thirty people and facilitated by Reverend Gabrielle Beam. The sentiment was of comfort, candor, and unity as faith leaders and city staff had not seen each other in person and gathered in numbers since the pandemic.

The City of Bridgeport was one of the only municipalities in the state of Connecticut to include churches and their programs as part of the disbursements of ARP funds. Staff members expressed appreciation as they recognized that the city’s congregations are critical partners that provide valuable resources and support to community members.

The Mayor introduced key members of his cabinet and administration, which includes three ministers, who are all available to build relationships and connect with the members of clergy and provide assistance or answers when needed.

Mayor Ganim shared his visions, the city’s progress, future projects, and goals for developments and additional housing, as well as the next large expansion of reclaiming the waterfront at the former “smokestack site.”  The discussion also addressed city challenges and included the process of searching for a new superintendent of schools and chief of police.

Questions were asked and answered about the status of projects experiencing delays due to supply shortages and inflated material costs. Mayor Ganim assured the group that the city will share economic updates and opportunities. Pastors in attendance are very interested in knowing the city’s plans so that the city may thrive, and its people will prosper.

The meeting closed with multiple prayers or the mayor and the city… “where all people can be welcome, we ask for wisdom, improved economic development for the city, the people that need the most help receive it, that the environment will provide for children and families.”

“When the church with God holds the hand of the city and the mayor - this city will rise and win.”

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