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Bridgeport, CT – Last evening Mayor Ganim met with City Council members to announce his proposed FY2022-2023 budget. The FY2022-2023 budget is proposed at $605,136,209, a change of only 1.2 % from the previous year’s budget.

Mayor Ganim stated, “I am very pleased to submit the proposed FY2022-2023 budget to the City Council for action. This is a comprehensive balanced budget that delivers all government services that our citizens need for this next fiscal year and will have a positive tangible impact on our resident’s quality of life.”  

This proposed budget funds all essential city services, while holding the line on taxes. Keeping the mill rate steady is important for our taxpayers: however, I am also aware that some of the most vulnerable in our community-particularly seniors-face significant financial challenges due to high inflation and high costs of living. To address this issue, my budget proposes targeted tax relief through expansion of the senior tax relief program. My administration has already started a dialogue with some Council members on what this tax relief might look like and will look to submit a proposed ordinance change to the City Council by the next Council meeting.

“I am determined to continue to fight for our residents and not raise Bridgeport taxes over the next year. This proposed budget provides not only stability, but also a tax break for our seniors. I look forward to working with City Council members to achieve a budget that benefits everyone in Bridgeport.”

Mayor Ganim is proud that this budget also proposes to increase the Board of Education budget with an additional $2 million. 

Commitment to Education, City Infrastructure and Quality of Life

  • Next year’s budget plan includes a City local funding increase of $2 million to the BOE,
  •  The Bridgeport Police and Fire Departments are hiring new recruits and sending qualified candidates through state training classes. This effort will continue in FY2023 as new classes are included within budgeted total positions for these departments.
  • The FY2023 Budget and the City’s Capital Plan includes funding for expanded street clean ups, parks improvements, and street paving.
  • The Budget also includes the upgrade of technology cybersecurity and communications systems to enhance online access and services for Bridgeport residents.


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