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How to Serve on a City of Bridgeport Board or Commission

If you are interested in being considered to serve on a City board or commission, it is important to understand the multi-step process.

All individuals who serve on boards or commissions serve as volunteers and serve at the pleasure of the Mayor. There is no guarantee that, because an individual expresses interest in a board or commission, they will be placed on that commission.

Required Steps in the Application Process


Complete the application

Please complete the boards and commissions application. The form must be completed in its entirety and notarized. Applications should be returned to:

Office of the Mayor
Attn: Boards and Commission
Margaret E. Morton Government Center
999 Broad St
Bridgeport, CT 06604

email your application


Administrator Review

Your application will be reviewed by the administrator of the boards and commissions approval process. If you are a good fit for a particular vacancy, an interview will be set up with a staff member relevant to the respective commission and a representative from the Mayor’s office.


Background Check

If the Mayor’s office agrees to move forward with your application, a background check inclusive of criminal, civil, and tax history will be completed. All City of Bridgeport taxes must be current to serve on a City board or commission.


Ethics Commission Review

If the background check provides no areas of concern, the Mayor’s office will submit your name and paperwork to be reviewed by the Ethics Commission. The Ethics Commission meets the second Wednesday of each month, unless otherwise noted. The Ethics Commission will review your application, background check and interview you regarding potential conflicts of interest or any other areas of concern.


City Council

If approved by the Ethics Commission, the Mayor will refer your application to the City Council for consideration. Most applicants are referred to the Miscellaneous Matters committee. Applicants for the Police and Fire Commissions are referred to the Public Safety & Transportation committee for review. The respective committees will review your paperwork and conduct an interview.


Final Vote

If you are approved by the respective City Council committee, you are then referred to the full City Council body for a final vote on the appointment.


Swearing In

If your are approved by the full City Council, a swearing in to their respective board or commission will be organized.


Serving Your Term

Commissioners serve in their terms, even if expired, until they resign or are replaced with a new candidate.