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What kind of Grants do you have?

The Central Grants office is not a direct granting organization.  The Office assists City Departments to identify funding sources and to apply for available federal, state, and other philanthropic grant opportunities.

The objective of the Central Grants Office is to assist City Departments to secure alternative sources of revenue to support key projects and new or expanded services without increasing the financial burden on the city's taxpayers.

Does the Central Grants Office give out money to local non-profits?

No. The Central Grants Office is not a direct granting organization.  However, the Office is available on a limited basis to assist non-profits in locating funding opportunities and serves as a liaison for collaboration between local non-profits and City Departments on grant funded projects.  Please call our office at 203-332-5662 to set up a meeting with Department staff to discuss your specific needs. 

How can my organization become aware of grant opportunities from government and private sources?

There are several websites and electronic newsletters that provide this information.  In addition, the Central Grants Office is constantly researching grant opportunities and is working to build an e-mail distribution list. has a searchable index of all available federal funding.  In addition, they have an electronic newsletter which sends updated funding availability to your inbox daily.  The State of Connecticut Contracting Portal provides a similar database of state contracting opportunities as well as a daily e-mail alert.  In addition, The Foundation Center has many free resources for grant seekers including a free foundation search database.

Can the Central Grants Office give me money to renovate my house?

No.  The Central Grants Office has no funds available to renovate homes, but you may be eligible for grant or loan programs for this purpose.  If you live in Bridgeport, call the Office of Housing and Community Development at 203-576-8144 or Department of Health and Social Services at 203-576-7680 to ask about available funding.

You can also check with local non-profits, faith based, and community based organizations, which often have programs that assist seniors or low-income homeowners with small repair jobs.

Can Central Grants give me money to start a business?

No.  The Central Grants Office does not provide specific funding for business startup costs.  If you are interested in starting a business in the Greater Bridgeport Regional area, there are several resources available including the City's Office of Planning and Economic Development, which can be reached at 203-576-7221 or Small and Minority Business Resources Center, which can be reached at 203-576-8473.  In addition, the Community Capital Fund or local Small Business Administration may be able to help. 

Can Central Grants give me money to go to school?

No.  To find out more about education grants and available loans, you should contact the financial aid office for the school you want to attend.  You can also check the Connecticut Student Loan Foundation and the U.S. Department of Education's free application for Federal Student Aid for more information.