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The City of Bridgeport issues several hundred requests for response (RFR) in the form of proposals or bids on an annual basis. We are very appreciative of the time and effort the supplier community puts into preparing responses to these RFRs. To reduce administrative costs for both supplier and the City we are in the process of standardizing and simplifying RFR documents and, additionally, have implemented an eProcurement service. We are always looking for ways to improve our ability to exchange information on these business opportunities to a broad base of suppliers as efficiently as possible. If you have any suggestions for improvement please email them to Lisa Farlow, Purchasing Agent

BID/RFP DOCUMENTS are available at BidSync

Suppliers who register on the BidSync site will receive notifications of the City's bid and requests for qualifications/proposals

You need to register on  BidSync to view, download and respond to a request for response (RFR). BidSync is a national network of government procurement agencies. Registration, downloading, responding and to review responses after the submittal deadline is free. You will note in the User Agreement that transaction fees apply to some RFRs. These fees are paid ONLY by the company that receives business from other Cities/agencies related to that RFR posted on the site.

If you have any difficulty you may contact Supplier Support directly at: (800) 990-9339.

Businesses without internet access may utilize computers located at most public libraries. 

Please note: When registering it is very important to select the appropriate commodity codes that describe what your business does.