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Registration 2023-2024 Policy

Forms will be accepted at each site. Preference will be given to current Lighthouse students on day one of registration. Registration will be in person at all sites. For any questions, please find site coordinators email information for your student's school below.

Before School Program will be offered at the following schools ONLY
  • Black Rock
  • Blackham
  • Cesar Batalla 
  • Discovery Magnet
  • Geraldine Johnson
  • Hallen
  • John Winthrop
Summer Program Sites 2023
  • Blackham (also serving Madison students)
  • Black Rock (program will take place at Geraldine Claytor)
  • Cesar Batalla (also serving Bryant and Curiale students)
  • Columbus (program will take place at Geraldine Johnson)
  • Discovery Magnet (also serving John Winthrop students)
  • Hallen (also serving Wilbur Cross students AND program will take place at Wilbur Cross)
  • Geraldine Claytor
  • Jettie Tisdale (also serving Dunbar Students)
  • Multi -Cultural Magnet/JFK Campus (also serving Edison and Hall students)
  • Luis Munoz Marin (also serving Beardsley students)
  • Park City Magnet 
  • Read
  • Roosevelt
  • Thomas Hooker (program will take place at Multi-Cultural Magnet)
  • Waltersville (also serving Barnum students)