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The City of Bridgeport Department of Public Facilities provides storage of personal goods through legal evictions and ensures that the chain of custody is established in accordance with State and local regulations and laws. 

The rules for picking up your belongings are as followed:

  •  Individuals have 15 days from the date of eviction to pick up their belongings. If items are not picked up within this time frame, they will be permanently discarded. 
  • Unscheduled walk-ins are not allowed. 
  • Individuals must make an appointment to pick up belongings. 24-hour notice is required. 
  • Individuals must have a valid ID. The ID must match the name on the Execution Notice. 
  • All belongings are to be removed in 1 trip. 
  • No items can be left behind. No exceptions will be made. 
  • Individuals should bring help to load their belongings.  City staff cannot help.

The Eviction Warehouse is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. To set up an appointment please call 203-450-5975.