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Who Are We?

The Sustainability Office for the City of Bridgeport serves as the point of contact and director of sustainability and resiliency, initiatives, programming, and planning within the City.

The Sustainability Office coordinates and assists in areas related to energy and conservation, urban canopy management, ecological restoration, urban agriculture, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and resiliency.  

Sustainability looks to meet the City’s current needs while not affecting our ability to meet them in the future. With the impacts of climate change becoming more intense; coordinated and collaborative efforts are needed to adapt our neighborhoods and city to the impacts of climate change. While also rapidly decarbonizing municipal, community, and economic activities.

Seaside Park at sunset by the arches, looking toward the water, yellow ripple across sky

Climate Change

Climate change impacts for the New England region, and specifically, Bridgeport, include more frequent and intense rain events, extreme heat waves, sea level rise, increasing frequency of drought, and extreme weather events (like a hurricane or Nor-easters).

For more information on climate change and understanding its causes and impacts, please visit:

 US Climate Resilience


If you have any questions about these programs contact the City of Bridgeport Sustainability Office.