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Homeowner Sidewalk Repair Program

Numerous sidewalks in the City of Bridgeport are in varying states of disrepair and the City can be held liable under certain circumstances for injuries resulting there from. As such, the City has the legal right to force sidewalk repairs and recoup from the homeowner 100% of the costs for the repair.

Mayor Ganim desires to continue his efforts to make the City a safer place for its citizens and visitors to live and work, and to engage in an aggressive and proactive program to have sidewalks repaired while significantly reducing the financial burden on the homeowner(s).

How Program Will Work: (50% or more contribution from City)  

The Program will invite and encourage homeowners to identify their sidewalks in need of repair and to participate. If accepted, the City will absorb 50% of the cost (more in certain instances where residents receive Tax Relief credits). This Pilot Program will expire upon the expenditure of $3 million City dollars in Program sidewalk repairs.

Criteria for Program Participation:

  • Residential homeowners must own and occupy the property as their primary residence.
  • Taxes (real, personal & WPCA charges) must be current. Priority will be afforded for conditions already reported by the start of the Program, highly traveled locations, and those directly affecting the elderly and disabled.

How to Take Part in the Program:

Identify your suggested sidewalk repair location by calling 203-330-4556 or e-mailing You must indicate that you are the owner, that it is your primary residence, and that you wish to participate in the “Sidewalk Repair Pilot Program”. You will receive a subsequent mailing and further instructions. If accepted to participate, you will also receive an advance estimate of the cost of repair.