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The Town Clerk maintains an alphabetical listing of all registered Trade Names and d/b/a’s filed in the City of Bridgeport. The proposed Trade Name or d/b/a of the business must be researched in the Office of the Town Clerk to insure that the proposed Trade Name or d/b/a is not already in use. Once the research has been completed, the Trade Name can be filed.

Please Note: We require 3 original forms. All registrants must sign the certificate. The original signed forms (with acknowledgement) must be returned to the Town Clerk’s Office. Copies are NOT accepted. We will stamp all 3 Certificates, keep one for our records and return the other 2 to you.

The fee for filing a Trade Name Certificate: $10.00

The fee for filing a Release Trade Name Certificate: $10.00

For certified copies of any Trade Name Certificate:

$1.00 per copy

$2.00 for certification of each Trade Name Certificate.

If your business is a corporation or an LLC, you must file with the Connecticut Secretary of the State before filing your DBA in Bridgeport. The Secretary of the State’s Office offers various information on their website, helpful to anyone considering opening a new business. You must obtain State and Federal Tax Identification Numbers. To contact the Internal Revenue Service for a federal ID Number and to get necessary forms, call (800) 829-1040. For the Connecticut ID number, go to the Department of Revenue Services Website.

Tradename Forms

Tradename Release Form