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Planning Documents 

Briefing Book (2015) A resource of various information and data useful for grant applications and development. 
Barnum Station Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Plan (2016) The plan for the previously proposed Barnum Station, Barnum Station District, and other site developments. 
Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) (2007) A resource of demographic information, neighborhood statistics, and strategic action plans for economic development. 
CZB Housing Report (2007) A housing market report for the City of Bridgeport. 
Downtown Parking System Assessment (2014) An assessment of parking supply, parking demand, and other parking resources throughout the City of Bridgeport. 
Downtown Plan (2007) A plan of analyses and recommendations for economic development of the City of Bridgeport's Downtown. 
Plan Bridgeport - Master Plan of Conservation & Development (2019) An implementation plan for the City of Bridgeport to obtain goals of economy, equitability, livability, and more. 
Master Plan of Conservation & Development (2008) A plan that assesses the strengths and weaknesses of Bridgeport and recommendations for revitalization. 
Urban Agriculture Master Plan (2019) A plan that recommends actionable policies to improve urban agriculture in the City of Bridgeport.  
Waterfront Master Plan (2017) A plan that assess the current conditions of Bridgeport's waterfront and the opportunities for development, recreation, and resiliency. 

Neighborhood Revitalization Zone Plans