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The City of Bridgeport, MetroCOG, environmental engineering company AKRF, planning firm FHI Studios, and the Black Rock NRZ have partnered together to create the Fairfield/ Brewster Corridor Plan. 

This project is a multimodal transportation plan focused on identifying areas with the most problems traveling along this corridor. 

We Want to Hear From You!

Within the survey linked below, please take a few minutes to browse the map and place markers at locations you experience the most problems traveling along these corridors. 

Your anonymous input will be used by the study team to focus on future projects in Black Rock that improve safety, mobility, and quality of life in the neighborhood for years to come!

Fairfield/ Brewster Corridor Survey

A Set of information including the Fairfield Corridor Plan's QR Code, a promp "Do you drive, walk, bus, or bike along Fairfield Ave?," the city Logo, and logos for MetroCOG, AKRF, and FHI Studios.