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What is this Study?

East End Street Study is assisting the City of Bridgeport, MetroCOG and the Connecticut Department of Transportation with identifying:

  1. Transportation improvements that will address safety issues.
  2. Appropriate accommodations for vehicular traffic, bicyclists, pedestrians and transit users.
  3. Considerations that impact the future economic development within the corridors.
  4. Provide the best access to residents, businesses and services.

      The Study will analyze data such as vehicle speed, traffic volumes, queue length/timing gaps, lane usage, sight distance, ROW utilization, access driveways, transit stops, pedestrian crossing times, and accident rates. The current and future operations of the one-way couplet will also be analyzed in this study.

      The project will include:

      • Potential mitigation or improvements for all modes of transportation, intersection and roadway re-alignment and layout.
      • Pedestrian crossings/ramps/sidewalks, midblock crossings, road diet, accident reduction.

      For more information about the study, findings, and recommendations please visit:

      East End Streets Home Page