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The Office of Planning and Economic Development (OPED), Planning Division has launched the Seaview Avenue Corridor Project. This project will lead to:

  • The reconstruction of the Bond Street and Boston Avenue intersection, while improving traffic circulation throughout the corridor. 
  • Provide aesthetic and pedestrian safety improvements along the entire corridor.
  • Provide improved access to underutilized properties within the project limits. 

The improvements include minor widening, introduction of left turn lanes at intersections, and streetscape improvements between Barnum Avenue and Boston Avenue.  A new roadway will be built north of Boston Avenue which parallels Bond Street.  This new roadway will have 3 lanes to allow for left turns. 

A tree-planted median will separate the new roadway from Bond Street, which will remain as a local access road, and no longer connect to Boston Avenue.  The off-set intersection of Boston, Bond and Seaview will be realigned into a higher functioning single intersection.  A 10’ wide multi-use path (sidewalk to accommodate pedestrians and bicycles) will be located along the entire length of the project.

This construction of the project will be federally funded by $11.5 million funds from the State Department of Transportation.

The project will advance both State and City goals of creating communities with enhanced transportation infrastructure , both to reduce congestion and to promote safer streets. 

Seaview Avenue NEPA Public Hearing Presentation